Get to Choose the Best Mobile Application Developer

Technological developments occur at very dynamic rate in present times that helps in people’s methods of carrying out various activities. The latest one is the mobile app development, here mobile phone applications are developed same as in computers. Earlier mobiles were only used for activities like texting and calling, but now higher models of mobile phones are as good as small PC in your palm.

As the mobile phones come up with features that support applications, they are being used for different purposes. The mobile application developers try to invent ways in which problems of internet surfing gets subsided and also good revenue generation is there.

Some important points should be considered by the people who want profession as mobile application developers. They should have the drive to develop applications that is helpful to other people. Website owners who want to use the mobile app development services don’t have to be necessarily be technical expert themselves. They can communicate their requirements to the concerned professionals and get their work done.

The mobile application developer has to know beforehand for which type of mobile handsets they have to develop the applications. It can be for iPhones, iPad, Android or Blackberry phones. For example if application for Blackberry is developed than your website would be able to get accessed by people who have this device.

Companies who want this application for their website should first decide for which mobile handsets they want the application to be developed. Then search for a good mobile app development company. The best way to choose the handsets for application development is by identifying the preferences of the target customers and which handsets they use it more. For good services people are ready to shell out money.

A genuine mobile application development company would be flexible in their ways and works according to the wishes of the clients. They should have team of skilled mobile app developers having hold over latest techniques and processes.

Main advantage of company who has professionals is, they have a good library of codes that are applied in applications. The codes are error-free as they have been tested many times. When you need any change in the application at a later stage they can be asked for help.

The service providers who do not provide 100% ownership of the code once created for you, should not be selected. The companies who do this might want you to pay them commission regularly which is not good.

Fashion and Retail Mobile Apps

Your bricks and mortar retail outlet is under attack from online stores. We say if you can’t beat them, join them. And then beat them. You don’t have to sell directly online, but it’s essential to have an online presence. Having a website is one thing, but to truly connect with young shoppers today you need an exciting mobile app.

We all know about the fashion retailers who have gone to the wall recently. It’s a sad fact that one of the reasons was they stood still while the world raced away from them. You’ll have seen how your customers are always on their smart phones while they’re in your store. A dedicated fashion and retail app will let you take advantage of that.

Your customers will be able to take selfies next to your clothing, tap the screen and then send it to all their friends on social media asking for their opinion. That’s going to generate sales. Not only from your customer in the store, but from their friends who’ve now seen the great products that you sell.

You can have a Youtube fashion channel where models strut their stuff in your latest clothing. Even better, why not get your customers to do it for you, and send photographs and videos of themselves modelling your range? If you’re having a special event in your store, you don’t have to rely on flimsy leaflets to spread the world. Your app can let people know instantly. Smart phone users love to be kept updated on news from their favourite stores, especially if they receive special offers and discounts exclusive to the app.

Before you know it, you haven’t just got a store in the high street. You’ve got a vibrant presence on the social media channels. It’s the future of marketing, because you’re not relying on advertising execs in brightly coloured shirts, you’re getting help directly from your customers. You can be as creative as you want with your fashion and retail mobile app, and the more creative the better. When you have an exciting and innovative mobile app, then everyone will know that your shop will be fresh and exciting as well.

Contact our friendly team of app experts today. Standing still isn’t an option. Grab the fantastic opportunity that’s waiting for you.

Industry Services and Professional Mobile Apps

The world of business is changing. Whether you’re a dentist, accountant, car dealer, plumber, builder, doctor, roofer or real estate agent, you’ll have seen the impact that technology is happening. There’s a revolution starting, you can be leading it or you can wait to have your head cut off and put in a tumbrel.

This revolution isn’t based on guns and political slogans, it’s based on smart phones and mobile apps. Have you noticed that your customers always have their smart phone in their hands? They’ll even be looking at the screen while you’re talking to them. The smart phone doesn’t have to be your enemy, a mobile app can make it your greatest ally.

Your customers love things that are new and exciting. They don’t want to be handed flyers and bits of paper. They want to tap a screen and see enticing offers before their very eyes, images that they can manipulate accompanied by music. Our industry services mobile app provides that and much more.

Do you have a database of 1000 loyal customers? What do you do when you have a fantastic new offer – email them? That email either falls foul of a spam filter or heads into the trash can with a dozen more just like it. When a mobile app pings up on their screen to tell them about a latest offer, they’ll be drawn to it like moths to the moon. It’s a cost effective solution that’s transforming the way you can reach your customers.

You offer a great service that your customers love. For now, they might tell half a dozen friends about it. If you’re lucky. When you have a mobile app they’ll tap a button and tell hundreds of friends about it via Facebook, Twitter and all the leading social media sites.

Mobile apps are the future of marketing for the retail and service industry. It’s not ‘in your face’ marketing, it’s not costly and annoying, it’s stealth marketing and all the more successful for it. Your business can’t afford to stand still. That’s what companies like Kodak and Blockbuster did. You don’t have to go the same way. Contact us today, and find out how our professional mobile apps can help your business move forward.

Having a Mobile App created for your business is a simple process

Having a Mobile App created for your business is a simple process and can be an achievable and affordable project for most Small Business.
WE looking at how a Mobile App will serve your business in the most effective way, there are 3 questions to ask:

1. Who are my customers?

2. How will the App serve my customers?

3. How will the App serve my business?

Its important to look at these areas and determine, for your industry, what you will require in an App to have it perform at its best for you.

Lets take a look at these 3 questions further.

Who are my customers?

In every Industry, the customers/clients will be slightly different. Young or old? Working or at home? Tech savvy or ‘help!’.

Knowing your customers characteristics will help you with the design and feel of the App and it can be designed to suit so that your customers will get the best use from it.

How will the App serve my customers?

There are many features that can be included in your customised Mobile App (designed by Strategic Business Apps) and not all of them are going to be a fit.

For instance, a food outlet such as a cafe/restaurant/coffee shop would serve its customers well with an ordering tab and a loyalty card in the app.

A Real Estate agent wouldnt want those features but would want a mortgage calculator and specialised contact forms and listings.

Its important that the App is useful for your customers because you want them to keep opening and using it.

How will the App serve my business?

The App should serve your business in a way that brings in more customers, referrals, loyalty and of course profits. Trish Rock

The features and functions that will help here are the subscription options, loyalty cards, referral rewards, easy booking forms and of course- easy shopping through the app for your products and services with the inbuilt shopping cart.

Customers must be able to easily but from you, refer to you and gain rewards by shopping with you. That is the convenience and beauty of an app.

Get these 3 areas correct and you will find your Mobile App may become your best marketing and sales tool.

This is all included in the conversation we have at Strategic Business Apps with our clients. Creating and producing quality and useful Apps is our passion.

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3 Steps to Develop your First Mobile App

mobile phoneEver wondered about developing your own mobile application? Well, most of you out there probably think it’s a difficult job involving lots of difficult coding and system jargons you don’t understand.

In today’s world, where mobile phones and tablets are your soul mates,  a collection of necessary apps are vital for not just your ‘social’ survival, but also almost every other aspect of life. There are apps for fitness, business and finance apps, games, grooming apps etc. Time you build your own.

These are some of the key stops towards developing your first ever mobile app.

Get an Idea and Stick to It

The first thing you should come up with is a brief sketch or idea about the app you’re going to build. Decide what your app is going to do and how it is going to function. If you’ve already come up with an idea, write the aspects down in detail. Sketch a basic wireframe of how your app UI (User Interface) is going to look like. Keep notes of detailed description of your app’s functioning, its outlook and its connectivity.

Learn a Language

You can’t develop your app unless you learn to code. Start with a simple programming language like C# if you’re looking to build a gaming app, or learn the Python language for building your basic framework.

Now most apps out there require a database and you need to know a basic database query language like SQL. Now if you wish to become a front-end app developer, start honing your JavaScript, HTML, CSS skills. These languages are vital in building your first app. You’ll need to know Swift/Objective-C for iOS development.

Get Building

Don’t overthink. Now that you have your prerequisites, start designing your app’s UI flow. Meaning how your app works from start to finish including every step, every scenario. Work out every detail and start developing your database. Input the necessary data like if your user needs to create an account, you’ll need to keep track of every user’s personal information.

If you want your app do interact with the server or API, add the functions to your database. Now build your UX framework as per your requirements. If you are an artist, try designing the UI and create every detail in your app. There are several preexisting UIs which you can also use. Learn Git to keep track of all your app related data.

After everything is in place, go for a dry run. You will be stuck, but don’t lose hope. If so many people have done it, why cant you?